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Real World Powerboards for Your Liberation

From Africa to Burning Man, AT’s go where no other powerboard would dare! Proven reliability over many years in extreme conditions.

Ride Everyday. Ride Anywhere.

The Aluminum GT can handle it all. Powered by PG Drive Technology electronics, the most powerful and most reliable electronics used on any powerboard today!

New Lithium Battery

New Lithium Battery

37 Volt GT/AT Lithium Manganese Oxide …

Custom E-Glide's

Custom E-Glide's

  E-Glide now offers custom anod…

Wired vs Wireless Controller

Wired vs Wireless Controller

E-Glide recommends using Wired Control…

About E-Glide

About E-Glide

About E-Glide Electric Skateboards We&r…

Thankyou so much for doing what you do, I'm 29 and this board makes me fill 18 again. Riding this thing is so relaxing, it takes my mind off of everything.

Colt Ledbetter

I bought one of your first aluminum AT's years ago. Just have to say it is more fun today than the day I bought it. Cruising down the street, or on hard packed trails, it's just a great feeling. The quality and dependability make it just fun without any frustration. I have a 13 year old son now, this year I'm going to buy him a GT so we can ride together

Greg Costello

After riding wireless electric skateboards for years, it is a relief to ride your board with the direct remote connection. The precise control over acceleration and braking is so superior. I can now ride with complete confidence.

Greg B

I have been using my e-glide quiet a bit to golf… I’m an early bird usually I play golf early in the morning less crowded… anyhow the golf course I use the e-glide on is less than 10 minutes from Montreal downtown core… that being said the skates draw a lots of attention… in north america I wonder if I’m one of the few using it on a golf course, cool way to get around. It makes the game faster and it makes it fun to chase your golf ball. It probably does not damage the course as much as a regular golf kart. For sure I’m a good ambassador for your toy. It does not make my golf game any better thus

Charles Bergeron

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1739 Ocean Park Blvd.
Santa Monica CA 90405 USA

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