About E-Glide

About E-Glide Electric Skateboards

We’ve been in the powerboard business for over 11 years. We build our powerboards one at a time, in our Santa Monica shop. Our close proximity to the Gardena Aerospace Industry has gained us access to military spec machine shops, laser cutters, welders, platers, etc. who we use to make our aluminum decks and other components.
 Our flagship product, the aluminum GT, is in a niche of its own.  No other powerboard available today rides as SMOOTH as a  GT. With a 22 mile range, pneumatic tires, and aluminum construction, the GT is REAL transportation, for the First and Last Mile.

Why would you want a GT:

  • SAFETY/COMFORT- Our cabled remote system is much safer than the wireless remote systems. You never have to worry about signal interference, or lack of signal reception, which can be deadly in the wrong situation. Our remote never needs charging. A wide “dropped” concave aluminum deck, pneumatic tires which roll over just about anything, and plenty of ground clearance provide a safe, forgiving, riding platform.
  • POWER, SPEED , AND TORQUE - Fastest accelerating motorized electric powerboard available, 0-22 MPH in four second performance, with torque to go up a 25 degree hill without issue.
  • PG DRIVES TECHNOLOGY ELECTRONICS - The absolute highest quality electronics available for an electric skateboard, anywhere, at any price. So advanced, so reliable,PGDT-logo-small we offer a full one year warranty on them. Ultra smooth acceleration and POWERFUL regenerative braking with 70 amps of power, the precision of control is to be experienced.
  • RELIABILITY/DURABILITY - There are three reasons E-Glides are the most reliable powerboards in the world: 1.Quality componetry 2.Simplicity 3.Rugged construction. Our warranty speaks for itself. Our aluminum decked GT’s and AT’s are almost indestructible. No plastic on these boards, all aluminum decks, battery cases, etc. We have videos on our website of guys riding AT’s through Africa, and riding up snow covered hills in Sweden with snow chains. NO ONE makes a powerboard as durable or as reliable as E-Glide.
  • LONG RANGE BATTERIES - The GT will realized a 15 mile range with SLA batteries/ a 22 mile range with H2A Power’s lithium manganese battery.
  • EASE OF SERVICE AND REPAIR - E-Glide power boards are designed for easy part replacement, customers can easily self service their boards.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE - With more then 11 years of experience in building powerboards,our reputation for customer service is unmatched. We are manufacturers, we have a huge parts inventory on hand, and we are always in the shop M-F 9-5 PST. We can be reached by phone for any question, or any problem, and usually ship parts the same day.