Battery Test


If your board suddenly quits working, its not likely the battery pack. Worn out or defective batteries usually result in range reduction before they just quit working. As your batteries age, your range will gradually decrease, until the point is reached the range is unacceptable, and they will need to be replaced. An immediate and severe drop in range can be attributed to a defective battery charger, or a defective battery (the battery pack is built with three separate 12 volt batteries). If the powerboard has not been used for some time, and the batteries have not been kept charged, it is very possible that the battery is the issue.

1. The easiest test is to check the battery voltage at the charger connector port with your voltmeter.  


2. With the voltmeter set to "DC", insert the red voltmeter lead into the battery port number marked "1", and the black voltmeter lead into the battery port marked "2". You should get a reading of between 36 to 39 volts. Be sure the battery pack is fully charged before you perform this test.

3.  If your batteries are reading 36-39 volts, perform a load test. Place the board on the ground with the drive wheel standing up, so it can rotate freely under power. Turn on your remote gun, and run your motor full speed, observing the voltage at the same time. If there is a voltage drop within 30 seconds of .75 volts or more, the batteries are not holding a charge, and probably need to be replaced.

Battery Voltage Test