Electronics Test


Your E-Glide powerboard is fitted with the most reliable electronics ever installed on an electric skateboard. The proof is the unconditional one year warranty we offer on this European built system. It is highly unlikely your electronics will burn out or be defective, but nevertheless, if the cable tests positive and the batteries test positive, the next test is the electronics.
You will need your voltmeter for this test.


1. Remove the fin plate bolts completely before lifting the plate up.

2. Carefully remove the two yellow connectors on the PC board marked "1" and "2". These two connectors are for the motor wires. Once removed your PC Board will be ready to test output.


3. Set your voltmeter to DC. Now, very, very carefully, without allowing, the voltmeter leads to touch (MOST IMPORTANT), place the red voltmeter lead on connector pin "1", and the black voltmeter lead on connector pin "2" . Put the remote gun into the "ON" position, and depress the trigger. The voltmeter should read at least 24 volts. If there is no reading, double check that voltmeter leads are connected properly. If there is a reading, the controller is not defective. The batteries are delivering power into the electronics, and the electronics are sending power to the motor.


One more simple test to perform if the motor controller does not register output, is to test the battery leads where they plug into the controller.
4. Disconnect the red and black battery leads which plug into red + and black - on the pc board. Place the red voltmeter lead into the yellow connector plug on the "RED" battery lead, and the black voltmeter lead into the yellow connector plug on the "BLACK" battery lead. Read the voltage, it should be between 24 and 27 volts. Be sure the battery is charged before this test.


Should the battery be getting an acceptable reading, and the pc board has no output reading, the pc board is defective and will be replaced for free if under warranty.