E-Glide - FAQ

What is an all terrain powerboard?

An all terrain electric powerboard is built with pneumatic (air filled) tires, and has more clearance, and usually more power than solid wheel equipped electric skateboards. It can go over rough and broken surfaces as well safely. Many use our GT for daily commuting, they never have to sweat the potholes, rail road tracks and other hazards which would bring down a smaller solid wheeled board.

Can the All Terrain models ride over sand, rocks, and long grass?

Our AT and GT aluminum powerboards can be ridden on just about any surface except really soft sand. Videos on our website show customers riding in the snow, grass, on the waters edge, sand storms at Burning Man,  Africa,  and more.

Are your powerboards reliable?

There are three reasons E-Glides are the most reliable powerboards in the world today:
Quality components, simplicity, and rugged construction. The aluminum decked GTs and AT;s are almost indestructible. NO ONE makes a powerboard as durable or as reliable as E-Glide.

How long have you guys been around?

We’ve been building powerboards full time for almost 12 years, much longer than anyone else building or importing powerboards.

What is different about your boards than other companies?

Two big differences. We build our boards in our shop, unlike any other all terrain board seller, who are just importers.. Our specially designed decks are laser cut from .25 inch aluminum plate and will last 500 years. European electronics by PG Drive Technologies which put out 70 amps of power,  and lithiums built with Panasonic cells built by real engineers, are just a few of the differences.  

Can I ride it up steep hills?

Absolutely! Our 70 amp I-Drive motor controllers and 1500 peak power motors will take a 200 pounder up a 25 degree hill.

I’m not a skateboarder, can I still ride it?

Absolutely! Our boards are stable, with our large aluminum decks, wide trucks, and pneumatic tires. We have customers from 8-85 riding our boards.

What is the top speed?

Top speed with standard GT tires is 22 MPH. With larger AT slicks, the boards will hit 25MPH.
More torque than anything available. 0-22mph in four seconds. Our boards are scary powerful!

Why do you use aluminum decks?

Like a car made with unitized construction, our aluminum deck and battery box joins the board together with a tightness and unity you will never find in a wooden or carbon deck. The aluminum will take the  abuse, and technically last for 500 years. Our GT has beautiful flex. The risers on the deck end will brace you under heavy acceleration and de acceleration.

How does the remote work/acceleration/regenenerative braking/hills?

We use PG Drive Technology electronics, which feature  powerful braking. Just like an electric car, when you pull the trigger, the board accelerates. As you release the trigger, the board goes into regenerative braking, the faster you release, the more powerful the braking becomes. You control the braking. Going down hills, it feels much like a car with a manual transmission. You actually have to give it throttle. It feels like you’re powering down the hill, but the board is in regen the whole time.

What is the weight limit?

There really is no weight limit. The board will handle 400 pounds. They survive being run over by cars. A heavier rider won’t get the range, or go up steep hills, but otherwise will realize full enjoyment.

Is it waterproof?

Our boards are water resistant. They cannot be submerged, and should not be ridden in heavy rain.

What are the maintenance requirements?

Minimal. Keep the batteries charged, keep the tires inflated.

How do I obtain spare parts?

All parts are available on our website, or call our shop for immediate customer service.

What if I need to have my board repaired?

Our boards are very simple. Most can troubleshoot to find the problems by using our tech support section. You can always talk to an E-Glide tech M-F 9-5 PST. It’s really never necessary to ship an entire board back, we send out needed parts, and can help you install over the phone if necessary, all just plug and play,.

How long of a life does the battery have, how many charge cycles?

Our standard BB EB Series high discharge SLA’s will last, if maintained, up to 350 charge cycles, 2-3 years, cost to replace is 170.00.

What is the warranty on the board?

We warranty the electronics for one full year, everything else six months. Should something break prematurely, even if out of warranty, call us, we want our customers happy.

How do I contact you if I need help?

By phone M-F 9-5 PST at 310-396-1453, or by email.

Can I replace the battery or other parts myself?

Yes. The boards are designed with simplicity in mind. All components can be replaced easily, and we have phone support available as well.

How long does it take to charge?

Fully depleted, about 5-6 hours. Soneil makes faster chargers, but they can reduce battery life.

What kind of electronics are in the Powerboard?

E-Glide are built with state-of-the-art “industrial grade” European electronics, manufactured for us by PG Drive Technologies, and are the absolute highest quality electronics available for electric powerboards anywhere, at any price. These components are so advanced, and so reliable, we offer a full one year warranty on them.

Does the control cable get in the way?

This is a common question since many electric skateboards come with a wireless controller. The answer is no, the cable is just not an issue, and in fact, actually has some benefits over wireless controllers. First, a cabled direct connect remote system is much safer than the wireless remote systems, there is never loss of a signal reception, or interference, which can be deadly in the wrong situation.  If you fall or jump off the board, the handheld remote disconnects from the cable and the board shuts down. Our remote never needs recharging or “syncing” to the board Just turn it on and go. E-Glide has shipped many thousands of Powerboards with their cabled system and our customers love it!

What makes the E-Glide Powerboafrd a “green” product?

The E-Glide Powerboard is, perhaps, the ultimate "green" human transporter. Unlike most other electric rideables, the Powerboard is built for transportation, and not just on smooth surfaces. It travels very well on dirt, grass, gravel, snow, or hard-packed sand. Most importantly, it's larger size, aluminum deck and low center of gravity make for a very comfortable ride and that's important if you want to go farther than a couple of miles. And boy is the Powerboard green! It has carbon footprint equivalent of up to 1,500 miles/gallon!