Motor Test


If your having issues with your motor, listen for these tell tale signs; 1. If you hear a grinding sound it may be broken magnets from a hard strike to the motor casing. 2. When you turn the gun on, then pull the trigger, you should hear the relay switch from the electronics click on, if the motor does not respond then there may be a disconnection to the motor. To be sure test the motor with a volt meter by following the steps below.

1. Remove the fin plate bolts completely before lifting the plate up.


2. Remove the motor wires from the controller, that is the two wires which plug into the pc board port 1 and 2.


3. Set your voltmeter to DC. Place your red voltmeter lead into red motor lead, same for the black leads.


Spin the drive wheel by hand. If you get a reading on the voltmeter, the leads are not broken, the motor is functioning, and this is not the problem.