A/T tube Replacement

Inner tube replacement

phillips screwdriver
13mm or 1/2 inch socket
10mm or 3/8 inch socket
19mm or 3/4 inch socket

1. using your phillips screwdriver, take off the small screw on the top of the belt cover.

Then on the backside of the belt housing remove the screw.

2. using the 19mm or 3/4 in. socket wrench remove the nut holding the wheel on the axle.

3. if your not changing a flat, before you remove anything else MAKE SURE YOU LET THE AIR OUT OF THE TUBE!.

4. slide the tire off the belt by spinning the tire while simultaneously pulling.

5. using the 10mm or 3/8 in. socket wrench remove the three bolts holding the wheel gear on the rim.

6. using the 13mm or 1/2 in. socket wrench remove the four bolts holding the rim together.

You will need the 10mm and the 13mm when removing these bolts.

7. remove the rim, then remove inner tube and replace, to put your tire back together follow the steps in reverse.

WARNING: whenever removing the rim, ALWAYS let the air out of the tube or the rim may explode and possibly cause injury.

TIP: when putting the tire back together, before you tighten the rim down pump a little air in the tube,
because it helps keep the tube away from the edges where they can get pinched.

If your changing the inner tube on one of the non-drive wheels then disregard steps 1 and 5.