Goodyear Rotation

Goodyear Tire Rotation

tools needed:
1/2 inch socket wrench
phillips screwdriver

1. remove drive wheel from motor. using the 1/2 inch socket wrench, remove the washers and nut at end of axle holding the wheel on.
Twist the wheel simultaneously while pulling the wheel to slide of the belt.

2. Remove belt cover and check belt, if your belt is chewed up then replace it.
Also check the drive gear thats attached to the wheel for any rocks. If there are rocks stuck in the drive gear then use a
screwdriver to flick the rocks out of the gear.

3. remove drive gear and spacer from wheel.

4. Once the drive wheel is taken apart, find your best wheel (usually the front wheel) and remove nut, then remove the wheel from the axle. (do not remove spacers from axles)

5. remove the bearing from the new drive wheel. Make sure you take the bearing out from the gear side of the wheel
(as pictured). Use the threaded end of the axle to pry the bearing out of the wheel (as pictured).

6. Once bearing is removed from the new drive wheel, add the spacer and drive gear from the old drive wheel to the new one.
You might need to apply pressure to get that drive gear to fit into the wheel (you can step on the wheel to compress gear into wheel properlly).

7. Now make sure your belt is in the right position before putting the wheel on. When putting new wheel on the motor, you will have some difficulty getting the belt to catch the drive gear. What I do is; slide the wheel on the axle until it hits the belt,
start turning the wheel while appling a little pressure, eventually the belt will catch and you can properlly fit the wheel into place. Add the washers and nut back on and tighten.

8. Now to finish up add the bearing into the old drive wheel. Then slide the wheel onto the axle and add
the washers and nut, then tighten.

If the non-drive wheels dont roll properlly, then loosen the nut just a bit, that should do it.