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A combination of our “dropped” .25 inch aluminum deck and low profile Kenda pneumatic tire provides a low deck, with great flex, for comfort and stability. With more power than most can use and a 15 plus mile range, this board is a transporter, for the first, and last mile. Dirt, grass, gravel, snow, or hard packed sand, the GT will handle it all.

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The GT Powerboard is our best selling powerboard, handsdown. This board does it all.. The combination of the "dropped" .25 inch aluminum deck, and low profile Kenda pneumatic tires, provides a lower CG (center of gravity) that feels perfect.The "rise" at the deck ends permit a place to brace against the extreme acceleration this powerboard can produce. The deck flexes for a ride that feels "alive", with uncompromised smoothness. The E-Glide GT has the fastest acceleration, and more torque, than any powerboard currently offered today. The GT can be used on concrete, grass, dirt, and hard packed sand. The GT will go and over just about anything, it will transverse rough and broken surfaces at speed. This board has plenty of clearance and the motor is tucked up high. This machine is a transporter. The GT’s awesome power is generated by a specially designed 36 volt, 800 watt motor, which is coupled to European built “industrial grade” electronics manufactured for us by PG Drive Technologies. These electronics come with a full one year warranty. Power is transmitted through an oversize drive belt which provides quiet, maintenance free operation. The high ouput “industrial” B & B EV batteries used on the GT will allow up to fifteen miles of riding.

Tech Specs

  • 0-23 MPH in five second performance!
  • ALUMINUM DECK, is 45 inches long / 11 inches wide, with a .75 drop to bring you closer to the ground for a more stable ride
  • WHEEL BASE is 17 inch
  • HEIGHT is 7.5 inches from floor to top of deck
  • WEIGHT is 72 pounds (SLA Batteries)
  • WEIGHT is 50 pounds (H2A Lithium)
  • STATE OF THE ART "Industrial" grade European electronics provides and insures the most advanced, trouble free, and reliable electronics of any electric skateboard produced by anyone in the world todayl
  • EXTRA POWERFUL braking and controlled RPM downhill riding
  • BATTERIES are (3) 12 volt/12 amphour B B Battery EB Series (Electric Vehicle)
  • LITHIUM BATTERY AVAILABLE from H2A Power (One Year Warranty)
  • UNCONDITIONAL one year warranty on electronics / 6 month on board
  • 15 MILE range on flats (SLA batteries)
  • 22 MILE range with H2A Lithium battery
  • TIRES are 9 inch Kendas
  • UNREAL POWER, torque and speed, this powerboard is SCARY!

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