Lithium Power Pack


Our new 42 volt lithium battery for your E-Glide Powerboard will provide a 30 mile plus range, will increase power by 20%, and reduce overall board weight by 17 pounds. Complete with 4 amp fan cooled charger and a new battery box with capacity indicator, it’s a simple plug and play installation. Rated for over 800 charge cycles, this low maintenance lithium will last for years and provide you with the ultimate off road electric skateboard experience.

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Lithium Battery Breakthrough!e glide lithium battery30 Mile Range-20% More Power-9 lbs

We now have available, direct from E-Glide, the longest range and most powerful lithium battery we've experienced in 12 years!

This 9 pound 20 amphour Lithium Manganese Oxide battery will power your E-Glide GT/AT to well over 30 miles. With higher voltage than the standard batteries, acceleration, top speed, and torque increase by 20%, it's like you have a nitrous button on your board.

This amazing new battery is rated for over 800 charge cycles, it should last you for years.

Shipped in a new battery box and equipped with a fuel gauge, it simply replaces your existing battery box, no modifications necessary.

  • Weight-9 pounds
  • Capacity-20 amphour
  • Chemistry-Lithium Manganese
  • Range-30 miles plus
  • Fuel Gauge-Included
  • Charger-Included
  • Warranty-One Year
  • Built in USA
e glide lithium battery metere glide lithium battery box
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