New Lithium Battery


37 Volt GT/AT Lithium Manganese Oxide Battery Pack

As many of our customers know, we have not offered a lithium battery system for our larger AT/GT powerboards for several years.   While we have been continuously testing a variety of custom built lithium packs, noo matter who the builder, or the chemistry, no one could deliver a pack that would provide the range, power, reliability, or the warranty we demanded. Our big boards deliver more power and torque than any other powerboard/electric skateboard currently available. This is the result of our high output PG Drives I-Drive motor controller, which kicks out 70 amps of power, and has proven to be a lithium pack killer.

Some time ago, we engaged in a Strategic Partnership with H2A Power Systems. We explained the challenges we had experienced with our previous suppliers, with all of our past history and problems.  H2A accepted our challenge,  and over the past several months, with lots of testing,  have built for us (and you) the highest tech lithium battery system we have ever encountered.  Here’s why:

1. LITHIUM MANGANESE CHEMISTRY -Of all the lithium chemistries, Lithium Manganese (LiMn), provides the highest output. H2A knew they needed to start with the highest output cells possible. These are also some of the most expensive cells offered today. Our new pack utilizes  50  ultra high output  cylindrical 18650 LiMn cells. LiMn is also one of the safest chemistries, cannot explode, catch fire, etc.

2.  PROPRIETARY TECHNOLOGY-H2A  Power Systems uses their own proprietary Passive Integrated Cool Core Technology, which reduces heat build up and allows lithium cells to operate more efficiently, and last longer. Rare earth metals are inserted between the cells and extract heat.
Battery Cool Core

3. Each pack comes with a state of the art Battery Management System (BMS) which features:
A.Cell balancing B.High temperature cut-off C.Over charge protection D.Over discharge protection E.Short circuit protection

4. A battery meter gauge is included for accurate range determination.

Range and Performance  (with 180 pound rider on flat ground):
Full Speed (22 MPH)----18.5 miles
Cruising Speed (15 MPH)----22.5 miles
Charging Cycles-Approximately 1000
Capacity: 14.8Ah 37 V
Weight-H2A LiMn  Pack 7.5 Pd  (Our SLA battery pack  weighs in at 28.5Pd  The H2A LiMn weighs 25% of the SLA battery).

Range over time/Charging cycles/Lifespan-One of the characteristics of the SLA’s, is as they age, range will deteriorate. While the BB EB series SLA’s we use on the big boards are by FAR the best SLA’s we have ever used,  we see a normal lifespan of 2-3 years,  and about 300-350 charging cycles.  The H2A lithium pack will provide almost full range over the life of the pack, which should be about 1000 charging cycles.

Built in USA-the H2A LiMn Pack is built in house by American engineers at Orange County, California. Most lithium battery packs are build in China.

Cost-without a doubt, the new H2A lithium manganese battery is expensive at $945.00, and we realize this. For this reason, we have made an arrangement with H2A. We will not resell this battery, nor mark up it’s price. H2A is offering it DIRECTLY to our customers, at the best price they can. The battery must be purchased directly through H2A, and they will handle all issues, warranty or otherwise.