Battery Replacement

Battery Pack swap

Battery Pack swap

Tools needed:
a. allen keys/bits
b. 8 mm wrench/socket

1. remove bolts attaching the battery pack to the board. (8 allen head bolts)

2. remove through bolts attaching the electronic box to the board. (4 allen head bolts)

3. expose the electronics, you should see 4 yellow connectors (2 from battery, 2 from motor) and a cable attached to the electronics.
remove wires connected to the red "+" and the black "-" (you will need needle-nose pliers to remove yellow connectors)

4. guide the wires out of the electronics box.

5. remove battery from board, be carefull that the batteries dont fall out of battery box.


6. when adding the new battery, take note of steps 1-5 so mounting the new battery will be easier.

TIP: For those of you removing the batteries, but keeping your battery case. There are bullet connectors to the charger port, please do not snip wire, the bullet connectors are there for your convenience.