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All Terrain Capability-Our pneumatic equipped powerboards can be ridden almost anywhere.

Electric skateboarders are now legal in California.

ca electric skateboards legalCalifornia Gov. Jerry Brown  has signed a bill  that allows the use of electric skateboards anywhere bicycles are allowed to go. The law, which takes effect Jan. 1, 2016, reverses a 1977 ban on “motorized skateboards” which was intended to keep noisy, polluting, gas-powered skateboards off the streets. At that time, electronic skateboards hadn’t even been invented , but the ban applied none the less, as we were considered “motorized”.

As the electric skateboard market has grown, it became evident that banning such a personal transportation vehicle that was green, efficient,  non polluting, non congesting, and the most efficient use of electricity of any powered vehicle on the road, just didn’t make sense any more.

The new California law DOES allow local governments to regulate the use of electric skateboards for their individual communities, banning them locally if they choose.

New Lithium Battery Breakthrough!

Lithium Battery Breakthrough!e glide lithium battery30 Mile Range-20% More Power-9 lbs

We now have available, direct from E-Glide, the longest range and most powerful lithium battery we've experienced in 12 years!

This 9 pound 20 amphour Lithium Manganese Oxide battery will power your E-Glide GT/AT to well over 30 miles. With higher voltage than the standard batteries, acceleration, top speed, and torque increase by 20%, it's like you have a nitrous button on your board.

This amazing new battery is rated for over 800 charge cycles, it should last you for years.

Shipped in a new battery box and equipped with a fuel gauge, it simply replaces your existing battery box, no modifications necessary.

Because of limited availability, we are producing only five of these per month, we aren't placing this battery on our website for now.

Contact us directly if you are interested, by email or by phone.

  • Weight-9 pounds
  • Capacity-20 amphour
  • Chemistry-Lithium Manganese
  • Range-30 miles plus
  • Fuel Gauge-Included
  • Charger-Included
  • Warranty-One Year
  • Built in USA
e glide lithium battery metere glide lithium battery box

Wired vs Wireless Controller

Wired Electric Skateboard Controller

E-Glide recommends using Wired Controllers, why?

All E-Glide Electric Skateboards utilize an Optima Quad cable connected control gun which connects to our European built electronics which are warrantied for one full year. The cable is designed to disconnect from the control gun should the rider jump off of or fall from the powerboard. A MIDI/DIN quick disconnect fitting is utilized for this purpose. Unless you want to perform a headstand, or yoga on your powerboard, you will find, as over 8,000 E-Glide owners already know, the cable is just not an issue. The solid cable connection provides precise throttle control, absolutely no interference, and the highest quality and most reliable electronics ever utilized on an electric skateboard. Our electronics are manufactured for us by PG Drives Technologies in Europe.

But why do we recommend using wired...? Read on....


  • QUALITY - Most of the current wireless electronics available for electric skateboards are imported from China. They are inexpensive and the quality is much to be desired. We have used Chinese electronics, wireless and cabled, (unbelievably bad), US made Curtis Instrument electronics, and now offer our new European built electronics, manufactured for us by PG Drives Technologies, with an industry first: a non-prorated one year warranty. This new generation of motor controllers pulse checks themselves 200 times per second. With a rating of 70 amps, it is the most rugged motor controller ever offered on an electric skateboard.  The full one year warranty speaks for itself. If the wireless boards are so reliable, why not offer a longer warranty.  Really, if the product is of quality, if you have faith in your product, how can you only offer a 30, 60, or 90 day warranty?  This really speaks volumes of their confidence in their products.
  • INTERFERENCE - The current offering of wireless electronics are subject to interference and can be influenced by outside radio frequencies from power lines, phone poles, electric doors, and other RF transmissions. Interference can and does cause loss of signal between gun and powerboard. The fact that wireless transmitters ARE NOT used for throttle applications where human beings are at risk seems obvious, and for an electric skateboard application, it should seem even more obvious. They just are not reliable nor safe enough, and combined with Chinese manufacturing, are an accident waiting to happen.
  • NOISE - Many wireless  electric skateboards make a very loud and irritating humming noise. E-Glides are stealthy quiet except for the whine of the motor.
  • RELIABILITY - Wireless electric skateboards are subject to reliability issues. Besides being Chinese and inexpensive, they are complex, they utilize a remote control gun transmitter, a separate receiver p.c. board , an antenna, and a very complicated main p.c. board. When you couple this up to a skateboard platform with hard wheels, no suspension, and high sustainable speeds, potential problems increase even more. It would be great if they did what they were suppose to, but they have not reached that point in quality or reliability.
  • THROTTLE FEEL/PRECISION - Our cabled guns, by nature of their direct connection, provide a sensitive and precise feel to the throttle. Maybe this sounds a bit esoteric, but if you ride a wireless, and then ride an E-Glide, this difference is quite noticeable.
  • SERVICE AND REPAIR - Because of their complexity ,wireless electric skateboards usually have to be shipped back for repair. Shipping costs can exceed $80 round trip.

E-Glide features one "brain" that handles all functions, and can be replaced in minutes with only an allen wrench. Simplicity of design and function allow customers to replace parts themselves, and avoid the inconvenience and associated headaches of shipping a powerboard across the country, or across an ocean.

About E-Glide

About E-Glide Electric Skateboards

We’ve been in the powerboard business for over 11 years. We build our powerboards one at a time, in our Santa Monica shop. Our close proximity to the Gardena Aerospace Industry has gained us access to military spec machine shops, laser cutters, welders, platers, etc. who we use to make our aluminum decks and other components.
 Our flagship product, the aluminum GT, is in a niche of its own.  No other powerboard available today rides as SMOOTH as a  GT. With a 22 mile range, pneumatic tires, and aluminum construction, the GT is REAL transportation, for the First and Last Mile.

Why would you want a GT:

  • SAFETY/COMFORT- Our cabled remote system is much safer than the wireless remote systems. You never have to worry about signal interference, or lack of signal reception, which can be deadly in the wrong situation. Our remote never needs charging. A wide “dropped” concave aluminum deck, pneumatic tires which roll over just about anything, and plenty of ground clearance provide a safe, forgiving, riding platform.
  • POWER, SPEED , AND TORQUE - Fastest accelerating motorized electric powerboard available, 0-22 MPH in four second performance, with torque to go up a 25 degree hill without issue.
  • PG DRIVES TECHNOLOGY ELECTRONICS - The absolute highest quality electronics available for an electric skateboard, anywhere, at any price. So advanced, so reliable,PGDT-logo-small we offer a full one year warranty on them. Ultra smooth acceleration and POWERFUL regenerative braking with 70 amps of power, the precision of control is to be experienced.
  • RELIABILITY/DURABILITY - There are three reasons E-Glides are the most reliable powerboards in the world: 1.Quality componetry 2.Simplicity 3.Rugged construction. Our warranty speaks for itself. Our aluminum decked GT’s and AT’s are almost indestructible. No plastic on these boards, all aluminum decks, battery cases, etc. We have videos on our website of guys riding AT’s through Africa, and riding up snow covered hills in Sweden with snow chains. NO ONE makes a powerboard as durable or as reliable as E-Glide.
  • LONG RANGE BATTERIES - The GT will realized a 15 mile range with SLA batteries/ a 22 mile range with H2A Power’s lithium manganese battery.
  • EASE OF SERVICE AND REPAIR - E-Glide power boards are designed for easy part replacement, customers can easily self service their boards.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE - With more then 11 years of experience in building powerboards,our reputation for customer service is unmatched. We are manufacturers, we have a huge parts inventory on hand, and we are always in the shop M-F 9-5 PST. We can be reached by phone for any question, or any problem, and usually ship parts the same day.